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Data Warehousing

Once we have the important data sources in the right place and with all the fields we need, properly formatted, we’re ready to start making sense of the information at hand. This includes website analytics, CRM data, paid marketing campaign data, revenue, services, call data, SMS data, and more. Learning the geographic footprint, age, gender, and any information you’re collecting in your forms of your customer as it relates to your marketing spend, it becomes simple to improve the performance of an entire business when the low hanging fruit becomes easily visible.

Data Science

Data science as a buzzword gets thrown around an awful lot these days. Much of what is called data science is actually data analysis but is nonetheless valuable. We’re growing in data science application to our clients, but we’re finding the real value for our clients is well-executed data analysis. We’re modeling lifetime value and projections from customer sales data to prove out investments to technologies and marketing campaigns. As our clients grow, so will our data science application.

Data Analytics

Our analytics department is keen on the details to make sure all of our tracking is reporting accurately and we record the context of data sources and tests so when making inferences, we see all the sides and make informed judgements. 

Data Dashboards

Monitor the most important metrics to your business in real-time. We specialize in creating custom dashboards that allow decision-makers(from our team to yours) to better understand changes in the business and shorten the feedback loop.

Data Driven Marketing

How are you currently measuring your marketing and business performance? How do you correlate your different marketing campaign efforts? What reports are you using currently for lifetime value and how are you measuring it? These are some of the solutions we’re creating by aggregating data from almost any source to make sense of the noise in marketing efforts. Marketing campaigns are rarely simple to measure. The points of contact to customers typically extend outside of a single attempt. Most companies, at a minimum, will email, call, text, and remarket to their prospects and customers. How do you measure the results, make sense of what’s really working, report on each effort and finally take action on these insights?

Don’t let data analysis turn into data paralysis. Warehouse your data and allow for the growth of data sources and managing your marketing, business, and customers efficiently. We’re developing real solutions that provide a foundation for business intelligence and guide growth investments in technology and marketing for all of our clients. It’s time to identify signals from the noise and have confidence in which direction you take your business in an ever more fragmented ecosystem of customer acquisition.

Data Analytics Experience

We didn’t start out with the intent of being data warehouse and analyst experts, but with the considerable growth of our clients that has been the direction, we have taken to support the needs of our clients. From Microsoft Excel workbooks to Google Sheets to full-fledged data warehouse projects being developed and scripted in Python, we have found ourselves in a place of connecting the inbound customer to the back end revenue generation.

In the process, we have learned a lot about creative, landing pages, and targeting our customer persona. We know where we can get low-cost customer contacts and we know how to get accurate data submitted from them, but if we also know that a customer base is primarily above the age of 40, we can save thousands of dollars by targeting that demographic.

We’re looking for the right fit for our next ‘big data’ project and a business we can change for the better through a proven process. 

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