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Paid advertising

We’re experts in buying traffic online and build strategy around your business and customers to assure revenue generation. Our extensive experience across multiple industries and verticals is a head start to know where and how to acquire your customers online.

Experts in Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Programmatic Display, Affiliate Marketing, and more.

Acquisition Strategy

It takes more than driving inbound traffic to a business to make online work. What do users do when they get there?  Do they really need a demo or just a phone call? Can they easily find your contact form? Where can you reach them online and what’s the scale of those platforms anyways? Do you have existing customer data and are you using it?

We’ll analyze market demand, opportunity, competitive landscape, and sales processes to align your customer acquisition strategy before investing in advertisement.

Business Operations Consulting

We go beyond driving cost-effective leads and sales to your business, we will sit down with you to understand how your business operates. If you offer multiple services, which do you advertise? What happens when leads contact you? What’s your lead to sale process and sale conversion rates? We’ll connect the dots to inform your business where improvement and growth exist online, offline, or both.

Let’s make a leap forward for your business, not just your marketing.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We can set your strategy and inform your business on growth/improvement potential, but in the background our team is analyzing platforms, placements, ad formats, creative, audiences, keywords, landing page conversion rates, split testing experiences, and the list goes on…

We’re confident in a successful launch, but we all have room for improvement. We’re constantly improving your business, our business, and ourselves.

our expertise

Companies call us because they hear we’re good at advertising. That’s true. What makes us good at advertising is more than just placing ads online.

We’ve worked across B2C, B2B, and E-commerce in tons of industries and verticals. That’s lead us to strategic expertise of where customers are, what ad formats work best on the platforms your customers spend time, and acquisition strategies to turn prospects into customers and customers into repeat customers. We combine that experience with an business plan focus to provide traffic costs and model acquisition rates to benchmark your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and then we get to work and deliver against those expectations. 

So far, we’ve delivered pretty well..

Flywheel Team Members

Dan Sorenson

Founder & CEO

Dan Balyint

Operations & Project Manager

Nick Perozeni

Online Marketing Analyst

Jed Haldeman

Web Development

Brandon Mullins

Web Development

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