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Google, Gmail ads, Bing, Yahoo, 7Search, MediaAlpha - $50+ million ad spend experience across all channels.

Social Advertising

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn - We’ve got $3 million ad spend experience across social channels.

Content Strategy

Video, Images, Articles - Create your content with the use in mind so you’re not wasting money on redundant creation for different campaigns.

Web Design/Development

Websites should be made for a purpose other than looking pretty. Which is exactly why this one was created.

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Paid Search

We’re all using search engines to find things - We use search engines to help customers find your business. Extremely targeted paid search campaigns provide quality traffic and the right experience on your site will monetize that traffic efficiently.

Experienced in healthcare, insurance, home services, small business services, consumer products, retail and restaurants.
Search traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo, 7Search and MediaAlpha
Managed $50+ Million dollars in paid search traffic and growing everyday!
Consistently improved cost per sale or lead for every client.

Paid Social Media

A strong content strategy is crucial with today’s connected consumers. Connections to their devices, data and social profiles provides rich targeting capabilities that efficiently prospect new customers and increase retention of existing.

Facebook content strategy combined with a tactical approach of paid placement has provided numerous clients a cost per acquisition that rivals paid search.
Managed $3+ million in ads across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
Tactics include retargeting and prospecting for businesses selling offline or online. We’ve proven social ads and have experience that very few others can rival.


Our Clients


"We rely on social media heavily to grow our customer base and keep people coming back. Dan has consistently delivered better results month over month for our social media."

"Hai Poke"

"Dan has been an invaluable resource to lowering our lead costs while analyzing revenue per lead to spend smarter and boost our profit margins."

"Go Direct Lead Gen"


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Daniel Sorenson

Founder and CEO


Justin Hanson

Lead Developer

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