Client Spotlight: Fuego Leads happens when you take a small business in an enormous market and combine two extremely driven founders? You end up experiencing first hand all of those crazy start up scenarios about hiring people, challenging times, juggling finances, and reaching a tipping point where you look back and realize just how massive what you just Read more about Client Spotlight: Fuego Leads[…]

Coronavirus and Communicating to Your Customers

Coronavirus is impacting many businesses, employees, and customers adversely and it’s unclear the duration or level of impact at this point. Almost every industry and vertical is affected, even our business. What we do best is help businesses, so with this article, I hope that we can help a few businesses in how they handle Read more about Coronavirus and Communicating to Your Customers[…]

Hyper-targeting: How to Leverage Your Data

With the on-going evolution of digital marketing, the ability to target users has become more and more sophisticated.  I remember having a conversation about this with a friend who has been in the game since the pre-digital era.  He said “It’s crazy what you’re able to know now and how granular you are able to Read more about Hyper-targeting: How to Leverage Your Data[…]